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Letzgetpersonal Embroidery Services


We offer over 1,000 stock designs and we are adding designs daily. SO if you don't see something that fits your needs just ask us. Choose any design and place it on a T-Shirt, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Sweatshirt or Hooded Sweatshirt

A new added service that Let's Get Personal has introduced is custom printed wearables. Send a picture in jpeg format and we can place it on your choice of T-Shirt, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Sweatshirt or Hooded Sweatshirt.


Embroidery is the fine art of embellishing an item with the different colours and stiches to creat a design or logo that enhances a garment. Logos with small letters and thin lines have to be looked in embroidery terms (ie. needle and thread doesn't act like ink and paper). A good embroidery should flow like the garment and should enhance the overall look. No one stops to read your phone number or website nor do they look for the legal status of your company. Every logo is differen and each embroidery machine is different.

It starts with the good design and a quality garment. The item is then embroidered by a modern, up-to-date machinery run by an experienced operator. Embroidery is a high-end product. It should not be put on garments that cannot withstand the density of the thread or justify the cost of the process.

With the absolute latest in embroidery and printing equipment, Let's Get Personal is the premier resource to add your logo to any apparel styles or promotional products in a most cost-effective manner.

Embroidery cost is determined by the size of the design and thus the stiches in the actual running of the design. It is also determined by the quantity of the order. Usually quotes will include the stitch count and the cost at various quantities.

The quality of the embroidered piece is affected by the following:

1. Quality of artwork

2. Quality of digitized file

3. Type of garment

4. Embroiderer's skill

5. Customer's Expectations

The price depends on:

1. Quality of artwork

2. Size of digitized file or stitch count

3. Type and quantity of garments

4. Placement and complexity of the embroidery

Completion of Order Timeline depends on:

1. Approval time and process

2. Time of year and/or season

3. Size of file

4. Quantity and quality of garments

5. Availability of supplies (ie. garments, threads)


Digitizing or punching is a process that tells the embroidery machine where to start and end the design, what type of stitch to use, when to change color and when to trim and stop. In other words, the artwork must be converted into a language that the embroidery machine can understand. Once the logo/design is digitized at a certian size it cannot be increased or decreased by very much without compromising the quality so SIZE is very important. Location of the embroidrey is one clue. Most customers prefer a size that will serve most of their needs, ie. left chest and hat size. Artwork is the key! The better the artwork, the better your design will turn out!

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